Our 'Getting Started' page is HERE - everything you need to consider for getting out, riding longer, and going quicker on a bike. We aim to ride twice a week, 8am Sundays and 8pm Thursdays. All rides depart from the Whitchurch Town Hall (map), unless otherwise stated.

Sunday 18th MAY was the 2014 Whitchurch Primary Pedal 20-40-60-mile ride

What a great day and many thanks to the volunteers, supporters and sponsors - Newbury Building Society and The Red House pub. See the Town Website article HERE

And the feedback from nearly half the entrants can be found HERE - interesting insights into the minds of the keen cyclist.

Thursday 27th Nov: Thursday's ride is to The Fox at Tangley via various North Andover villages for a pint by the fire, then back home via the rather tasty Pill Heath high road and down the Bourne Valley.


8pm at the Town Hall, all welcome. Weather's looking tasty too.

Welcome to TestValleyCC.org.uk

The Test Valley Cycling Club is an all-inclusive bunch of people who like riding bikes in the Test Valley, centred on Whitchurch, Hampshire.

We like riding fast road bikes, cyclocross bikes, muddy mountainbikes and heavy Dutch bikes down the Test to the pubs in Longparish (sometimes). We also like getting lost on Adventure Races.

We are affiliated with the CTC, giving our club event insurance and members the opportunity to join the CTC as an Affiliate Member at a reduced rate to get great discounts and services. 

Check out the calendar below for the next ride:

Test Valley Cycling Club


Where did we go in 2013? Click here for a larger image to see (This is a 'heat map' so the yellow/orange roads were ridden most often)

What can you expect on a TVCC ride?

Smiles. Conversation. Help and advice.

Some rides will be more suited to experienced riders who want to go fast or for a long way, other rides to  those wanting a more relaxed time. Cycling is a broad church and everything has its place. If there isn't a type of ride suited to you, get involved and start one - it's certain there are others out there who want what you want.