Adventure Racing

We aren't just about two skinny wheels - knobbly tyres and indeed feet are perfectly viable means of getting from A to B via C, D, E & possibly R as well.

Check out the calendar for regular Adventure Races we'll be organising trips to do. Two series that are already up include and - all races within an hour or so's drive of Whitchurch. Pre-entry is highly recommended, both to secure a place and to save some cash with a discount.

If you are new to Adventure Racing, Google is your friend - there are loads of guides online like this one. All you need apart from good running shoes and a mountainbike is a compass, whistle, first-aid kit and a sense of direction humour. Many Adventure Races have short and long course options for experts, beginners and children.

Where an Adventure Race overlaps a regular road ride, just choose what suits you best.