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The B.A.D night ride - 30km, Tues 19 March 2013

posted 20 Mar 2013, 06:25 by Mike Stead   [ updated 27 Mar 2013, 12:57 ]
4 blokes, 3 flat tyres, 2 degrees, 1 moon.

Just how may blokes does it take to change a flat tyre? what about three flat tyres? At least it didn't rain. It was a cold but clear night, and with the lights off you could ride by moonlight - if you trusted HCC to have repaired all the potholes that is (not recommended). The route went through Binley, over the Andover-Newbury road and up to Ashmansworth, then back via Dunley, missing out the notorious pothole-and-flint-fiesta lane leading from upper Woodcott down to Egbury. 

If you feel like riding this yourself, it can be downloaded or printed at 

Being only two degrees, good kit was essential, and clearly gloves still need some work for everyone except Min 'HotHands'. During repair of the second flat at Ashmansworth a rather bemused farmer tramped out of his house to find out what the dogs were barking at. Four middle-aged guys in tights and hi-viz, as it turns out.

This ride will be cracking when it's warmer, lighter and less prone to flints all over the road - there's new Continental tyres on order right now to avoid this sort of thing in future.