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Moors Valley Reward Fund

Moors Valley is a fabulous off-road family cycling venue on the Dorset-Hampshire border just south of the Test Valley. As reported HERE, on Thursday 14th May someone strung wire across the cycle path used predominantly by children and parents. This sort of act is increasing in the UK, with offenders no doubt thinking that they can't be caught. This deliberate attempt to harm a child or adult must be investigated and prosecution brought against those responsible.

In order to encourage people to come forward with evidence, the Test Valley Cycling Club has organised a fund to collect donations to reward anyone providing evidence that leads to a conviction. These will be passed to Dorset Police. In the event that no-one is convicted of this offence, the funds will be donated to Moors Valley Country Park, to enable improvements to the existing trails.

This could be your child, or a friend or relative seriously hurt. We must make a clear and loud statement that this sort of action is a deliberate threat against our children and loved ones, and will not be tolerated. Please donate by clicking on the link below. Debit, credit card or PayPal accepted.