The Great South Downs Loop - Saturday 28th September

NOTICE: Ride now postponed until SUNDAY 29th Sept, due to rain

WHAT: 200km loop of the South Downs on quiet lanes, with 2,440m of climbing.


South to Winchester, then along the bottom of the South Downs.

< ENORMOUS LUNCH at the George & Dragon pub, Houghton - after 103km, and at the farthest east / lowest point of the ride (8m above sea level) >

Ride back.

<Celebration BBQ in the garden at the Red House, Whitchurch>

Here's the whole route in one go on Google Maps:  and as a piccy: 

To do this ride (or half of it) you should be able to ride at an average of 20kph for 6-12 hours, with breaks for coffee/cake every 40km or so.

If you are allergic to cake or coffee this is probably the wrong ride for you. Beer is your own concern, but anyone seen drinking Carling will not be allowed to rejoin the bunch.

We must re-iterate: As this is a long day going a long way, maintaining the average speed with a good buffer for flats etc is critical, so we don't end up pedaling home in the dark at 11pm. Riders will be expected to have their bikes totally sorted, be running good puncture-proof tyres/tubes, and pretty much stick together - we like a good chat we do, and there are no prizes for first place. You should carry the appropriate clothing, spares, tools and cash/card for buying food/drink if needed.

Flatequette: In the event of a rider suffering a flat or other mechanical disaster, two other riders will stay back with the wounded soldier to help effect repairs. The bunch will carry on, maintaining the 20kph pace. The then-healed will catch up by forming a mini-peloton of their very own and nailing it. This is so everyone is not held up and the average is maintained.

Our preferred way to keep in touch with folks is via joining the Facebook event, but if you aren't that way inclined, please use the 'Contact Us' link on the left to get in touch. 

If the weather is likely to be truly awful, the event will shift to the next day (Sunday 29th). If that's awful too, the following Saturday.

For more info on this sort of event, please see


Start: on the morning of the 28th please arrive with enough time to be on your bike ready for a 7am depart from the Town Hall. There is a free public carpark in Bell Street 1 minutes walk away:

Communication: The organisers will have mobiles and numbers will be advised, and the ride will be recorded on GPS using Strava for posterity. The GPX file will be available for download afterward.

After-party at The Red House pub, Whitchurch: Be there or be square. Order at the bar.